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Product descriptions

Dr.KKAM contains sunberry (Solanum nigrum L.) extract and organic natural herbal ingredients developed using nano method to develop functional products (patent no. 10-0847478) to help relieve acne, sensitive, and allergy affected skin.
With exceptional moisturizing effects, it keeps skin soft and resilient after facial cleansing.

Major ingredients

  • Solanum
    nigrum L
  • Alkyl
  • Centella
  • Gold

Describe features of products

  • 1A functional product onto which natural ingredients & nano technique is engrafted on dermatology.
  • 2By using natural raw materials registered in the ECOCERT,
    non-triethanolamine, no animal oils and preservativetreated.
  • 3Soothing and inflammatory effect to acne, sensitive
    and allergic skin.
  • 4As a patented product (No.10-0847478) on which science is
    engrafted has an outstanding effect in removingcosmetic
    wastes and fine dust.
  • 5Moist without pulling even after use due to the
    rich moisturizing effect.


Massage for more than 1 minute after rinsing soap with tepid water. Rinse again with clean water.

  • Dr. KKAM Nano Bio Anti-microbial Soap(120g) : 38,000 KRW
  • Dr. KKAM Nano Bio Anti-microbial Soap mini(30g) : 9,000 KRW