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Product descriptions

h2+ Contains hyaluronic acid and betaglucan great for skin moisturization to keep skin soft and smooth. Also, its dual complex function provides outstanding whitening and wrinkle diminishing effects.

Major ingredients

  • Hyaluronic
  • Laminaria
  • Green Tea
  • ет-glucan

Describe features of products

  • 1h2+ Moisturizing Toner (130ml/29,000KRW)
    h2+ Moisturizing Toner supplements nutrients for dry and sensitive skin to help keep skin soft in the changing seasons.
  • 2h2+ Moisturizing Lotion (130ml/33,000KRW)
    h2+ Moisturizing Lotion makes fatigued and weakened skin supple and smooth.
    Also, beta-glucan and hyaluronic acid protect skin weakened by the external environment to keep skin soft and smooth.
  • 3h2+ Whitening Essence (30ml/39,000KRW)
    h2+ Whitening Essence is a moisturizing essence for soft and smooth skin. It is a dual action essence which helps whiten skin and reducer wrinkles. It contains hyaluronic acid and beta glucan with exceptions moisture retention capacity for soft and smooth skin.
  • 4h2+ Eye Cream (30ml/41,000KRW)
    h2+ Eye Cream helps brighten and invigorate dull and wrinkly skin around the eyes.
  • 5h2+ Nutrient Cream (30g/43,000KRW)
    h2+ Nutrient Cream contains natural moisturizers and plant ingredients to maintain oil and moisture balance in the stratum corneum in order to improve conditions of dry skin.
    Also, antioxidant effects of vitamin C suppresses the activation of tyrosinase through antioxidant effects for clear skin, and its soft application and quick absorption helps keep skin translucent and firm without leaving oily residue.


h2+ Moisturizing Toner > h2+ Whitening Essence > h2+ Eye Cream > h2+ Moisturizing Lotion > h2+ Nutrient Cream

  • h2+ Moisturizing Toner(130ml): 29,000 KRW
  • h2+ Moisturizing Lotion(130ml): 33,000 KRW
  • h2+ Whitening Essence(30ml): 39,000 KRW
  • h2+ Eye Cream(30ml): 41,000 KRW
  • h2+ Nutrient Cream(30g): 43,000 KRW