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Product descriptions

Phyllis Golden Hair Shampoo & Hair Essence consists of subtle fragrance of natural herbs and marine plant extracts to supply nourishment and strengthen elasticity of hair roots for healthy hair and prevention of hair loss.
It prevents scalp damage from UV rays through its outstanding detergency and hair coating effect, and effectively calms sensitive scalp troubles for lustrous hair. It especially calms dandruff or boils in scalp.

Major ingredients

  • Laminaria
    Digitata Extract
  • Black bean
  • Rosemary
  • Green tea

Describe features of products

  • 1Relieve scalp trouble and makes the scalp healthy.
  • 2Makes the damaged hair healthy and luster with the excellent hair coating.
  • 3Supply nutrients to powerless hair and improve elasticity.
  • 4US FDA-approved products
    :Hair shampoo (NDC No.52841-010-01), Hair Essence (NDC No. 52841-020-01)
  • 5China CFDA and Japan JFDA approved products


After shampooing, dry hair and pump product to apply hair essence evenly into hair. Massage through.

  • Phyllis Golden Hair Shampoo(400ml): 22,000 KRW
  • Phyllis Golden Hair Essence(80ml): 16,000 KRW