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Business prospect

The 21th century is the era where the developing countries and underdeveloped world coexist, where the former has most of its population is
aging, trying to improve national income based on low labor costs by attracting capital from developed countries with high income, and where
the latter is still suffering from famine and diseases. 6 years before corporate establishment,
Unocos has been developing various application products that can contribute to improving human life based on nano,
bioengineering convergence technologies. Also, it hopes that the developed products can bring happiness to mankind.

Unocos is developing business with the following short term and long term visions.

  • Short-term

    We intend to supply highly functional and high quality
    antibacterial products,
    scalp care products, and functional foods to the world.

  • Long-term

    We intend to develop and supply application products
    or supply as pharmaceutical ingredients by utilizing of
    converging bioengineering and nanoengineering techniques to
    create ultra high pure medical materials from
    natural ingredients.

Core technology

  • Nano hybrid particle production technique for antibacterial functions
  • Research and development of effective ingredients for scalp care
  • Nano hybrid particle production technique for antioxidant function
  • Organic nano particle development technique for moisturizing function
  • Effective ingredient extraction from natural substances using physical methods
  • Organic nano particle production technique for antioxidant function