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Dr. KKAM Nano Bio Anti-microbial Soap

Dr. KKAM contains sunberry (Solanum nigrum) extract and organic natural herbal ingredients developed using nano method to develop functional products (patent no. 10-0847478) to help relieve acne, sensitive, and allergy affected skin.
With exceptional moisturizing effects, it keeps skin soft and resilient after facial cleansing.

Product descriptions

  • Size: 120g (including moisture)
  • Ingredients: Glycerin, sunberry extract, green tea extract,
    alkyl polyglucoside, Centella asiatica, hyaluronic acid,
    jojoba oil, vitamin E, charcoal, gold, fragrance

Major ingredients

  • Sunberry

    Used as medicinal herbal remedy,
    it is known to relieve wounds,
    boils, eczema, or inflammations.

  • Alkyl

    Natural surfactant extracted from
    palm oil, corn, or potato, it is
    hypoallergenic and is used widely
    in products for children.

  • Centella

    Also known as centella or
    gotu kola, it helps improve
    damaged skin.

  • Gold

    Helps nourishment absorption and blood circulation,
    and also helps purify skin.

Product features

  • Use of natural surfactants

    Contains alkyl polyglucoside, the environmentally friendly natural surfactant with low skin stimulation.

  • Free from triethanolamine, animal oil, and preservatives

    Does not contain triethanolamine that cause skin stimulation or easily oxidizing or spoiling animal oil or

  • Skin trouble relieving effect

    Based on no. 10-0847478, natural substance sunberry (Solanum nigrum) and gold nano polymer are contained
    as effective ingredients to help relieve acne, sensitive skin, allergy-affected skin, or skin troubles.
    Also, Centella asiatica helps strengthens skin barriers.

  • Elimination of waste

    Rich and fine bubbles cleanse skin wastes, makeup, or other types of residue.

  • Ample moisture

    Contains hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil for rich moisturization which makes facial skin soft and resilient
    after facial cleansing.

Product effects

  • 1Helps relieve acne, sensitive, and allergic skin for clear skin.
  • 2Relieves athlete's foot and cracked heels, and discharges unnecessary wastes when used to remove blackheads
    on the nose for clean skin.
  • 3Helps tighten pores and makes skin resilient.


  • 1Wet face with tepid water.
  • 2Rub soap 2 - 3 times in tepid water to create lather and spread on face.
  • 3Gently massage onto areas with acne, boils, or other skin troubles for more than 1 minute.
  • 4Rinse thoroughly with clean water so no soap remains, and rinse 2 - 3 times with cold water.

Clinical data


Patent and test report

As a result of the antimicrobial test report for one of the causes of acne, Propionibacterium acnes, Dr. KKAM (diluted 2 times) showed 5 times greater effects when compared to alcohol.
  • Patent : No 10-0847478

    Patent : No 10-0847478

  • Patent : No 10-0876914

    Patent : No 10-0876914

  • Antimicrobial test report

    Antimicrobial test report

  • Microorganism test report

    Microorganism test report