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h2 Happy Hair Shampoo
h2 Happy Hair Shampoo, h2 Happy Hair Essence

h2 Happy Hair Shampoo

h2 Hair Shampoo contains natural herbs and marine plant extracts to protect and soften scalp and hair. It also supplies nourishment and resilience to hair to make damaged hair healthy and lustrous.

h2 Hair Shampoo has passed strict testing and certification of Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (JFDA). The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan has similar roles as Korea's Ministry of Health and Welfare's Korea Food and Drug Administration, similar to the US FDA.

Product descriptions

  • Size: 400ml
  • Ingredients: Purified water, ammonium lauryl sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate, black bean extract, decyl glucoside, cocamido MEA, glycerin, polyquaternium-7, betaine, sodium chloride, polyquaternium-10, rosemary leaf extract, green tea extract, bamboo extract, mung bean extract, Laminaria digitata extract, gold, citric acid, benzophenone-5, disodium EDTA, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, benzoic acid, phenoxyethanol, fragrance.

Major ingredients

  • Black bean

    Contains cysteine, the highest content of amino acids that constitute hair, to give hair loss prevention effects, and it is also known to help firm and regenerate skin.

  • Rosemary
    leaf extract

    It is known to have oxidation prevention and moisture loss suppression effects.

  • Green tea

    It is known to have pore tightening and sebum controlling effects to suppress the formation of dandruff and to improve resilience of scalp.

  • Mung bean

    Helps remove wastes, control sebum, and relieve skin troubles without irritating skin.

  • Laminaria

    Rich in various nutrients such as vitamins A, B1, B2, C, and minerals to supply ample moisture to skin, changing dry skin into soft skin.

  • Gold

    Helps nourishment absorption, blood circulation, and skin purification.

Product features

  • Nourishment supply and increase in hair elasticity

    Contains concentrated natural extracts developed using our unique effective ingredient extraction method and gold developed using organic nano polymers to supply nourishment and improve elasticity of hair, and to make damaged hair healthy and lustrous.

  • Contains minerals

    Various minerals with physiological functions such as potassium, calcium, iodine, etc., supply moisture and nourishment to skin to make dry skin soft.

  • Minimization of scalp troubles

    Contains mung bean extract and gold with outstanding skin calming and
    purifying effects to supply moisture and nourishment to hair and scalp.

  • Hair and hair root protection

    Contains black bean extract high in cystein which composes hair,
    green tea extract, etc., protect hair and
    hair roots to make thin and lifeless hair voluminous.


Apply on hair and use fingertips to massage scalp. Rinse thoroughly.
Massaging will not only improve blood circulation
but also help hair become healthy.

Clinical data